About Stein Dental Care

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Alan Stein


Alan Stein, DDS, has been providing quality general dentistry to the community for over 45 years. He is proud to help residents of Nashville, Tennessee, achieve excellent oral health and stunning smiles at Stein Dental Care.

Dr. Stein graduated from the University of Tennessee in Memphis in 1978. Prior to making Nashville his home, he practiced in Chattanooga (where he was born and raised) for over 35 years. He completes well over 20 hours of CE training each year, as well as participating in a variety of seminars, workshops, and classes outside the requirements of dentistry so that he can remain current on advancements in related fields.

Dr. Stein is a “bread and butter” dental healthcare provider who will use the simplest methods possible to achieve desired results. His goal as a dentist is to be a stable source of quality education, dental care, and service to each of his patients so that they can achieve optimal oral health and improved quality of living. He loves his field of work and is fully committed to performing at a professional level.

Dr. Stein wants his patients to feel like family, so he honors the Golden Rules of “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “Don't do to another what you wouldn't like them to do to you.” With this in mind, he practices wtih a compassionate, friendly, and relaxed attitude. In addition to being a dedicated dental care provider, Dr. Stein is also deeply involved in many humanitarian causes, for which he has made numerous charitable contributions and received prestigious awards.

Dr. Stein is married and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. He and his family enjoy spending time together reading, telling jokes, and watching movies. When not at the office, Dr. Stein can be found grilling in his backyard, something he finds extremely enjoyable and relaxing.