Dental Fillings

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Dental Fillings services offered in Nashville, TN

Dentists in the United States perform over 175 million fillings every year, and Dr. Stein does well over 20,000 of these himself! Dr. Stein uses tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities or restore them after breakage or wear. To schedule an appointment at Stein Dental Care in Nashville, Tennessee, for a possible filling, call the office or book online today.

Dental Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are treatments for broken teeth or cavities. Dr. Stein uses composite or porcelain fillings, which are tooth-colored, so they’re completely natural-looking.

If you’re getting a filling for a cavity, Dr. Stein starts by removing all of the decayed portions of the tooth and then sanitizing it. 

Once all bacteria is removed, he assesses the color and translucency of your tooth to match the porcelain or ceramic of the filling. He shapes the filling to match your tooth’s contours and places it securely. 

The filling restores the tooth’s structure and shape. Tooth-colored fillings made of composite or porcelain usually last for at least five years, and Dr. Stein can replace them if and when they’re needed. 

When do I need dental fillings?

There are a few reasons why a tooth might need a filling to restore its original shape and structure. At Stein Dental Care, Dr. Stein creates and places fillings for:


Cavities are decayed portions of teeth that occur when acid erodes your tooth enamel. They’re common and can lead to infections or tooth loss when untreated. 

Tooth breakage

Fillings can replace portions of teeth that broke if you bit down on a solid object or were hit in the mouth with impact. 

Tooth wear

Sometimes, teeth wear down quickly because of certain habits and behaviors. If you bite your nails or grind your teeth, Dr. Stein may need to place fillings to restore the tooth’s structure. 

How should I care for my fillings?

After you get a filling at Stein Dental Care, Dr. Stein instructs you on how to care for the filling to make it last. Fillings are highly durable, so there isn’t much you need to do to keep them intact. However, you can avoid dislodging, breaking, or wearing out a filling by considering your eating habits and oral hygiene. 

Avoid biting down on solid objects when you have a filling. Popcorn seeds, ice cubes, hard candies, or pencils can cause a composite or porcelain filling to crack.

Some fillings can stain just like your natural teeth. To make sure your filling retains its color and quality, avoid or limit staining substances, drinks, and foods. That includes tobacco products, red wine, coffee, tea, and cola. 

Learn more about fillings and how they can restore your teeth by calling Stein Dental Care or scheduling an appointment online today.