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$99 exams for new patients!

Includes comprehensive exam, x-rays, and consultation with the Doctor – a $578 value!*

*Offer applies to uninsured or self-pay patients only.

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Located near the area of Belle Meade, TN, Stein Dental Care shines as a leading dental clinic, celebrated for its superior dental services and a patient-first philosophy, able to handle emergency tooth pain or your general routine checkups. Guided by Dr. Alan Stein, DDS, our establishment has accumulated over 200 5-star Google evaluations, reflecting our unwavering dedication to dental excellence.

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Financing & payment options available.

Find the right option for you – Stein Dental offers a versatile Membership plan, or explore additional options through third-party promotions. Contact us for more information.

Stein Dental Membership Plan

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No hard credit check, 85% approval

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$99 new patient exam!*

Includes comprehensive exam, x-rays, and consultation with the Doctor – a $578 value! (spanish speaking dentist available)

The diverse team at Stein Dental Care offers bilingual customer service and care, in English, Spanish, and Kurdish. We welcome new and returning patients for exams, cleanings, and more. Call us to book, or book online! Financing available.

*Offer applies to uninsured or self-pay patients only.

(615) 540-0888
  • Comprehensive exam
  • X-rays
  • Consultation with Dr. Stein
  • English, Spanish, and Kurdish
  • $578 Value
  • Financing Available

Our Services

Personalized treatment & a variety of dental solutions

Our pride lies in delivering an extensive array of dental treatments designed to cater to the distinct requirements of each individual. Specializing in general dentistry, our proficient team manages everything from standard dental check-ups to intricate dental interventions. We are committed to ensuring that every patient benefits from superior care, emphasizing customized treatment strategies and clear communication. For everything from regular tooth cleanings to unexpected emergency tooth pain situations – Stein Dental Care is your call to make!

Dental Cleanings

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Emergency Dentistry

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Root Canals

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Tooth Extractions

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Crowns & Bridges

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Dental Fillings

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Emergency Dental Care

Acknowledging the unpredictability of dental emergencies, our facility is well-prepared to offer urgent dental care. Be it a dental emergency in the dead of night or during standard operating hours, our emergency dentist stands ready to provide prompt and effective relief to mitigate toothaches and resolve dental complications.

Dental Care in Multiple Languages

Committed to serving a diverse populace, Stein Dental Care boasts a team of bilingual dentists. We facilitate dental services in English, Spanish, and Kurdish, ensuring that no language barrier compromises the dental health care of our patients. This inclusive strategy allows us to broaden our services and cater to a wider demographic in Belle Meade.

Extensive Dental Treatments

Complementing his expertise in general dentistry, Dr. Stein is adept in a range of dental procedures. From addressing oral health concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease to conducting root canals and installing dental fillings and crowns, Dr. Stein delivers thorough care. Moreover, our clinic excels in premium dental restorations, including crafting and fitting robust crowns, dental bridges, and both complete and partial dentures.

Become Part of Our Satisfied Patient Community

We welcome you to partake in the stellar dental services at Stein Dental Care. Whether you’re in search of a regular dental exam, dealing with a dental emergency, or require a Spanish speaking dentist, our team is equipped to offer you the finest dental care in Belle Meade. For appointment bookings, please contact us at 615-540-0888 or reserve online. Join our community of content patients and entrust us with your dental care requirements.


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Reach out to us today and discover how Stein Dental Care can assist you in achieving a healthy, glowing smile. Our offerings span from dental cleanings and tooth fillings to dentures and comprehensive periodontal care.

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Providing dental services throughout Belle Meade TN, including 37205, 37215.